Title Characters Limits With Counter

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By default in probid script once users are listing products, they can add VERY long titles / names for auctions. That can make your auction website look messy, or auction titles can  not to fit in a row nicely...

This mod will allow you as admin to change that by adding characters limit for all these listings, that is you as admin can add how much characters can be used in auction name. So listings on your website will look a lot more cleaner because users having a limit on a title will be more specific about the item.

For example instead of the title "new XBOX console - buy more at www.xxxxxx.com for other good stuff".

Users will have to name their auctions more specifically like: "XBOX 365 JASPER" (15 characters) .

PS: Once user will type the name of auction  the live counter will show how much characters left to be used.

And once user will reach the total characters limit, he will not be able to add more characters, because they will be auto removed once he types it in.

PSS: This settings also applies to pre-filled section.

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